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Since the launch of our ministry, we have sought to bring Christian materials to those who want to add to their Christian library and those seeking for inspiration. Dr. Odom has spent a lifetime writing her innermost feelings in the form of songs, poem, and inspirational writing.  Finally she has started putting all of these in printed form to share with others.  In addition to her own writing, Dr. Odom and a very special friend, Mel Ann Sullivan (deceased) worked collaboratively to bring you the Warrior Princess of God Devotional Series.  There are three books in this series:

  • Warrior Princess of God Book 1: Women at War
  • Warrior Princess of God Book 2: Women in Battle
  • Warrior Princess of God Book 3: Women of Victory

Sometime during 2019, Dr. Odom will release three new Warrior Princess of God books. Unfortunately, her dear friend, Mel Ann Sullivan, will no longer be a part of this endeavor. And while Dr. Odom misses Mel Ann dearly, she understands that God has given her a calling.  The writing must continue. The new devotional series will have the following books:

  • Warrior Princess Recharged: January - April
  • Warrior Princess Refilled: May - August
  • Warrior Princess Renewed: September - December

Dr. Odom loves to share with women, and she is available for speaking engagements throughout the year.  If you are interested in having Dr. Odom come to speak to your women, please contact us.

Other inspirational and motivational books by Dr. Odom include:

  • My Status - His Message
  • Abundant Blessings - Abundant Love - Abundant Life
  • For His Purpose
  • To Maddie With Love - Marriage encouragement book
  • I Touched the Water - Missions book about Water for Life Missions in Kenya Africa

Odom Ministries

My Love, My Life, My Forever Valentine!

My Love, My Life, My Forever Valentine When I met this guy, I was only 15.  He was stationed in South Korea, and his family had been a part of our community forever. I'll never forget my first memory of seeing him... In his dress greens... ...


A Real Enemy Among Us

I don't know about you, but my heart breaks on a regular basis when I hear of how people whom I love dearly are falling into the trap of alcohol and drug consumption to the point they are putting their lives and the lives of those around them ...


Daddy's Birthday

Today is my Daddy's Birthday.  It's been 45 years since I've seen him.  My memories of him are sketchy at best. When I look at the few pictures of him I have, I realize about the only physical feature I inherited from him is the ...


Living in a Glass House

Recently I was reminded I do indeed live in a glass house.  I'm a PW, which I think is worse than a PK.  When you are in the ministry, all your walls are glass.  Every word you say is dissected.  You are supposed to be in check with your ...


Need a Little Wilderness Experience?

  These are troubling times for sure. It has become a huge distraction for me on a daily basis.  I do my best to overlook... scroll past... have not reaction... but almost on a daily basis, I find myself upset over something I've seen or ...


Hold the Fort

I have never seen a time when being a Christian has been met with more hate that today.  It seems if we hold any truths self-evident we are misconstrued as hateful, biased, and non-tolerant. I read a quote today where someone likened us to ...


Days When I Need Jesus & A Whole Lot of Duct Tape

I am a passionate person.  When I believe in something, I believe it with my whole heart.  Sometimes that gets me in trouble. To be truthful, this is the 3rd time I have restarted or rewritten this post.  It pains me greatly to know that we have ...


Warrior Princess of God - Book 1 - Women at War

This devotional contains Biblical training for women on how to become warrior princesses for God. In this present hour, more than ever, women must be ready to engage in spiritual warfare with the adversary. Each month a new Biblical warrior princess will be featured to provide numerous examples for women.
Price: $11.00


Warrior Princess of God - Book 2 - Women in Battle

This devotional is a continuation of the Warrior Princess Series. In this book, we will look at the lives of Rahab, Miriam, Ruth, and Hannah. From their lives, we will seek to understand how spiritual battles are won in our lives. Join us on this journey to discover spiritual warfare, how to be fit for the Kingdom, and most importantly, to discover ourselves.
Price: $11.00


Warrior Princess of God - Book 3 - Women of Victory

This is the final book in the series, Warrior Princess of God. We look closely at the lives for four New Testament women of faith: Mary (mother of Jesus), Priscilla, Lois, and Lydia. This is a personal journal of devotions with space for prayers, thoughts, and answers to questions posed by the author. It also contains a complete set of editor notes that complement the devotions written by the author.
Price: $11.00


Abundant Blessings - Abundant Love - Abundant Life

People need encouragement. There are days when we just need someone to give us a word... or two. Hopefully, this book will be that encouragement for you!
Price: $6.00


My Status - His Message

This book is a journal of social media status updates, tweets, and blog entries designed to promote the Kingdom of God and inspire others.
Price: $13.00


For His Purpose - 100 Musings

This book is designed to encourage every Christian woman to live her life according to His purpose. It is the desire of the author for women to realize their value to Christ and to live each day building the Kingdom. 100 musings for us to remember.
Price: $8.00


To Maddie With Love

This book is written from a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law, giving her marriage advice. Dr. Odom has written several inspirational, devotional, and children's books. She promised her daughter-in-law (Maddie) this book, and she has finally completed it. It is a 5 chapter book with notes and questions for the bride to work through. It covers a myriad of marriage topics. It's a great book to use for a series of young married women workshops.
Price: $8.00


I Touched the Water! It Was So Clean!

This book is a story about the work that a missionary couple does in Kenya with bringing water to those who have unsafe drinking water. It is a story of love and sacrifice, and it should encourage us all to consider what we have and be thankful while giving to those in need. It is a colorful representation of life in Kenya among people who desperately need fresh water. It is written for children, but can be enjoyed by all ages.
Price: $14.50


Journey Into My Wilderness

This is a 40-day journey of self reflection designed to coincide with Lent. The author is a non-denominational, independent of affiliation Christian who feels the call to observe Lent. It is not a formality, but rather it is a personal time of self-reflection each year. If you feel the call into the wilderness, join us in this little study. Be renewed and learn more about who you really are and what you need to do to grow stronger in your Christian Faith.
Price: $7.00



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